#8. The unskippable pre-roll.

Leon Jacobs: “Come up with an ‘unskippable’ Youtube pre-roll for a detergent manufacturer. You’re only allowed a paperclip, a bathplug and a ping-pong ball as props”.

We open on a semi-naked Japanese man in an empty room. He shows us a ping-pong ball, which he then puts in his mouth. He swallows and opens his empty mouth. He then reaches for his ear and pulls out a paperclip, which he shoves into his nose. The man shouts something in Japanese. He reaches into the back of his pants. He shouts again, more hysterically than before. He tenses up. We hear a plopping sound, and he pulls a bathplug out of his pants. He reaches back in, now with his other hand, and pulls out the ping-pong ball, with the metal wire of the paper clip wrapped around it. The camera zooms in on the man’s face. He looks extra confident now, as he says his final words. They translate into the English subtitles “Detergent X – when stuff has to be extra clean, for whatever reason”.

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Martijn Beckers

I’m Martijn. One day I hope to become a succesful writer of some sort. A novelist, maybe. Or a columnist, a journalist or an advertising copywriter. I haven’t figured that part out yet. What I do know, however, is that practice makes perfect. You know what they say: 10,000 hours of deliberate exercise. Or 365 days, in this case.

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