#14. The World Cup rhetoric.

Jan Van Den Bergh: “Convince people who hate football because of the money (and the hooligans) involved to travel to Russia in June or July for the World Cup”.

What do you see when you close your eyes during John Lennon’s “Imagine”?

I see a crowd of all colors wearing all colors. They sing, dance and hug. Everybody is happy, as if they’re in an ad by United Colors of Benneton.

I assume that explains the song title. “Imagine” is about the short-term illusion of universal harmony. John Lennon was a silly hippy, but he also knew that such events never occur in real life.

Or do they?

They do, at football World Cups. Each World Cup is a melting pot of cultures. Beer-drinking Australians, song-chanting Argentines and costume-wearing Japanese all get along effortlessly. It’s a month of pure, uncut social ecstasy.

Intrigued? Of course you are. You don’t even have to like football. It’s not about football, it’s about culture. It’s about hugging a random Nigerian in Kaliningrad.

Just go to fifa.com and buy a ticket. You’ll never be happier than during the World Cup, I promise.

Unless you get beat up by a gang of Russian hooligans. But hey, in a way… that’s culture too.


*** The answer to yesterday’s riddle was ‘copy’. ***

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