#16. The president’s voicemail.

Thibault Jacobs: “What does Donald Trump’s voicemail sound like?”.

Melania: Donny, it’s recording.
Donald: What do you mean, it is recording? What is recording? You’re not holding a camera, you’re holding a phone. Do you know how to use a phone? Melania, do you know how to use a phone? You use a phone for calling. To make phone calls. Melania… *sighs* You’re so bad at things. So, so bad. You’re the worst in things. Seriously, believe me. I guarantee you. I’m a dealmaker, I know things. I’m the best at all the things. Nobody can do things like me. Nobody.
Melania: But Donny, you don’t get it, you have to speak the words.
Donald: I have to speak the words? I am speaking words. I speak words right now. Can you not hear my words? The words that come from my mouth? There are words coming from my mouth. You know, Melania, you’re so bad with words. So bad with words. It’s a bit harsh, maybe, maybe it’s a bit harsh, but sometimes I think you should have stayed in Russia. It’s a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. And I always speak the truth.
Melania: I’m Slovenian.
Donald: That’s what I said, you’re Russian. Now please give me the phone so I can make my important calls.

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