#69. The excuses for quitting this blog.

Here’s a little copy challenge from and to myself: “Make up 10 excuses for not having posted anything since last Friday”.

  1. I underestimated how hard it is to write something after doing the same thing for 8 hours at your actual job.
  2. Accepting a daily copy challenge is a lot easier than stalking people to get challenges, not getting any, and then making up a name, a challenge and a response to that challenge. Am I right, Isnad Rilneem?
  3. I had an internet connection when I went skiing last week, but I was afraid it was tapped by a pedophile who likes them old.
  4. I have a rare genetic disorder which overestimates my long-term motivation by a factor 5.
  5. My last 20 posts had between zero and four views, which is literally just me checking if I didn’t publish any typo’s.
  6. There’s probably some Russian copywriter who uses doping, which is so unfair to me.
  7. I’m afraid of already being handed the Nobel Prize in Literature and peaking too soon.
  8. Somtims my kyboard randomly rfuss to writ on of my vowls, which taks away all my confidnc.
  9. I have a really slow accent, so thinking up words in my head takes a really long time.
  10. I realized that it’s better to write 69 good posts than 365 bad ones.


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Martijn Beckers

I’m Martijn. One day I hope to become a succesful writer of some sort. A novelist, maybe. Or a columnist, a journalist or an advertising copywriter. I haven’t figured that part out yet. What I do know, however, is that practice makes perfect. You know what they say: 10,000 hours of deliberate exercise. Or 365 days, in this case.

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